Blooms Beat the Heat!

Hey girls,

Imagine yourself carrying around a delicious double-chocolate dipped ice cream cone for a couple of hours on a hot Texas day in the middle of August! Kind of makes for a sticky situation. Beautiful, delicate flower blooms are similar to that ice cream cone. In previous times, brides would be handed their beautiful bridal bouquet only seconds before they journeyed down the aisle.

Nowadays a bride will walk around with her bouquet for two hours or more in the summer heat while the photographer snaps away. Many brides want to know what the hardiest flowers are and, to be honest, there aren’t many flowers that can truly survive the warm days of summer when paraded around for hours in the heat. Most brides are looking for the more popular wedding flowers such as David Austin garden roses, hydrangea, sweet peas, freesia, and tulips. All being used to design a bouquet style that resembles a European hand tied bouquet. The more durable types of flowers are hypericum berries, sunflowers, succulents, gerbera daisies (expertly wired), miniature calla lilies, and some orchids that have some type of water source.

An experienced floral designer should be honest and guide you towards the right selection of flowers depending on your planned usage. They should also know the proper chemicals to treat your flowers with, ideal sprays to hold the moisture in every petal, and the correct technique to wrap your flowers for delivery. If all of the necessary precautions are taken your flowers should arrive perky and fresh right up until wedding time.

Though centerpieces may be in a good water source, if the reception is outside it can still be too hot to keep your flowers from sagging and wilting in just a few hours. However, adjustments can be made on both your (the bride’s) and your florist’s ends to find a solution that will guarantee that the beauty of your flowers won’t be compromised because of the temperature. Remember: if you have any concerns about the floral decoration at your wedding, be sure to ask your florist about them well before the event. Most florists are happy to answer any questions you have or give their insights based on their floral experience. They want your wedding to look great just as much as you do!

There are other concerns for those of you planning a wedding in the hotter months of summer as well. Think about your makeup on a hot day, your hair and the humidity, and the older guests that will be attending.
They might not appreciate the hotter evenings as much as the younger guests will. Also, those men in the black tuxedos, and all of the extra undergarments that are necessary under that beautiful, white flowing gown might get a little warm You may need the smelling sauce before you even get down the isle!

So you see, when planning that romantic, summer-evening wedding there are a few more areas that might get a little bit warmer than is comfortable. However, none of this is to discourage an outdoor wedding in the summer months. Some of the most beautiful weddings imaginable take place in June or July evenings right at sunset. Just be aware of the limitations and plan accordingly and you can make possible the wedding of your dreams!

Let’s play with flowers!!!! Coby Neal

The Author

This post was written by Coby Neal. Owner and operator of The Flower Studio. He has been proudly Coby-Neal-300x200serving Austin for over 16 years with award winning arrangements.