Breathing New Life Into a Vintage Favorite; The Re-birth of Baby’s Breath!

Coby Neal and some of our wonderful staff at The Flower Studio had a great time at The Austin Wedding Guide’s Bridal Extravaganza, held annually at The Palmer Events Center in Austin. We were inspired by this classic and timeliness flower and chose to show off some innovative and affordable options that are gaining popularity in wedding décor themes right now.

As the vintage wedding theme and look grows in popularity, we are seeing many brides returning to the old favorite; as floral artists it is our job to put a new spin on the possibilities. A little history on Gypsophilia, commonly known as Baby’s Breath….

Baby Breath arrived in the floral market for the very first time in the early 1950’s. In the 60’s, the flower’s popularity exploded even further with Jacqueline Kennedy’s passion for it. Baby’s Breath was present in every single flower arrangement in the various rooms of the White House. Naturally, both the visibility and intrinsic beauty of Baby’s Breath quickly gained popularity and began to be seen as a couture flower during that time.



Credit: Jerry Hayes Photography


Credit: Jerry Hayes Photography

Collection: Lauren Lavonne

Moving from the 60’s to the 70’s every bride wanted Baby’s Breath in every flower arrangement, table arrangement and anything else they can put it into! The bridal bouquet, bridesmaid’s bouquets, centerpieces and even altar arrangements were loaded with the delicate spray of white blooms.
Of course, like in all things, the pendulum swings back. Baby’s Breath is no different.
During the 80’s and 90’s, and even up to very recently, Baby’s Breath was the less desired than all


other flowers (except for carnations). It makes sense; who wants to have the same flowers as their mom or grandmother? In meetings with brides to discuss their wedding flower designs, it wasn’t uncommon at all to hear a new bride to blurt out “please no Baby’s Breath”!

History repeats itself, the pendulum swings back again, and now new generations of brides (along with the popularity of vintage weddings) has brought Baby’s Breath back in full force! It’s back with all of it’s beautiful, white, delicate, lacy vengeance!

The Flower Studio’s team of award-winning designers are happy to have our old friend back, and we’re inspired once again by this timeless, romantic classic. Since Baby’s Breath is now one of the most requested flowers for wedding flower arrangements, let us help you achieve a fabulous, affordable, unique and retro-contemporary look with baby’s breath for your wedding. There is a new generation of brides that are loving the look, and so are we!

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