Flowers and the Head Table

An important element of every wedding reception is where you would like the bride and groom to sit, as-well as where the wedding party will sit. Are you planning on organizing a head table?

In this blog post we will go through a range of different styles and elements essential to create a beautiful head table for your big day. Hopefully this will provide some inspiration for you to imagine your own stylized head table.

So, what is a head table?

It is essentially where the bride, groom and wedding party (groomsmen, bridesmaids and significant others) are seated for the wedding reception. Ordinarily, the bride and groom will be seated at one end of the Kings table, with their wedding party seated on both sides. This keeps the wedding party together for the main celebration of the evening. This can often be a ‘wow’ in the ballroom, enabling the other guest table décor to be less significant.

Wonderfully natural bohemian look with lots of foliages, succulents and curly willow with a touch of fresh flowers and romantic votive candles. The perfect look for this long wooden table situated in a rustic log cabin setting.

The head table can be the gem of the room, meaning the other tables don’t need as much emphasis.

One of the main advantages of having a head table is that you are surrounded by all your closest friends and family and the atmosphere is just wonderful. They are also ideal in creating a focal point at the reception, so the guests know where to look for speech’s and toasts etc.

You can have your table in various different set-up styles, the most common being one long table or a horseshoe-shaped table.

A head table of breathtaking flowers and varying heights of candelabras creates the scene for this outdoor wedding reception, with a phenomenal view of the enchanting hill country of Texas.

A head table of breathtaking flowers and varying heights of candelabras creates the scene for this outdoor wedding reception, with a phenomenal view of the enchanting hill country of Texas.

A lovely vintage look with a return of babies breath accompanied by soft blue hydrangea and quicksand roses. Soft rose petals unite the trail of arrangements on this beautiful head table.

The bridesmaids bouquets can sometimes work very nicely in vases beside the main head table arrangements.

Another bohemian look with lots of seeded eucalyptus, larkspur, purple fuschia stock, a touch of wax flower and some ranunculus and pink roses. These help to create the boho look of today. Couple this with some beautiful table-wear and you have a gorgeous set-up.

Collections of beautiful white Spring flowers certainly create an elegant touch. White peonies, white tulips, white hyacinths, white love calla lilies, and white stock are some of the components that make this head table certainly exciting and delicious. The contrast was really spectacular against the bronzed table runner.

An intimate head table for a small wedding party highlighted with soft pink, white and ivory flowers really help capture the warmth of the moment. Floral linens were chosen for this particular set-up to accentuate the floral arrangement.

For today’s bohemian look using different foliage’s, touches of Curly Willow, add to the whimsicalness of the brightly colored flowers. Hydrangeas, roses, ranunculus, and some purple lisianthus create the overall appearance of this head table. The golden cutlery and napkins gave it an elegant touch.

This stunning head table contrasting the rich brown linen with pops of Tiffany blue, white hydrangea, white roses and large clusters of fragrant white stalk. Certainly all contributing to the dramatic flavor of this head table.

Most of these flowers are roses and antique hydrangea and colorful Macara Orchids that radiate the colors and textures down the center of the head table. Accented with a table runner and votive candles.