The Importance of a Throw Bouquet for Your Wedding

When ordering flowers for your wedding, consider having a small inexpensive throw bouquet made by your florist instead of tossing the real deal.


why-get-a-toss-bouquetThe bridal bouquet often times takes precedence over all the other flowers in the wedding decor. It is an inspirational, classic piece of floral art and should be carried as such. Much more than a bundle of flowers, the bride’s bouquet is a timeless symbol of romance and love that the bride carries with her as she walks down the aisle. It should accent her dress, her personality, style, and the theme of the wedding. It is something to remembered for generations to come.

Looking back at those family wedding photos, what stands out the most besides the hair do’s and dress styles is the bridal bouquet. Because it is such an important wedding piece, it is one the first items that a girl starts dreaming about when she starts planning her special day.

The bouquet should reflect a bride’s individual style and will often be adorned with heirloom items such a antique brooches passed down from family member to family member, heirloom handkerchiefs that become bouquet handle wraps, and sometimes even great-grandma’s wedding ring is tucked inside the arrangement to make it even more meaningful and special for the occasion.

Furthermore, many of the flowers used in a typical bridal bouquet are often couture-varieties which can be either pricey or the combination of the flowers doesn’t lend itself to being tossed around. Therefore, often times a bride will throw a small bouquet that represents her larger keepsake bouquet.

With all the possibilities of creating and carrying such a keepsake item for the wedding, why would anyone want to throw it?

Several reasons why a bride should considered ordering a separate toss or throw bouquet are:getting-a-throw-bouquet

1The actual bridal bouquet has items in it that the bride will want to keep later.

2Saving the bridal bouquet, freeze drying it, and placing it in a shadow box after the wedding is an excellent way to encapsulate the special day into family history. It also makes a lovely home decor item. If you throw it…it’s gone forever.

3The actual bouquet might be heavy or made in a bouquet holder that is not conducive to being tossed into a crowd of people…you wouldn’t want to poke someone’s eye out at the reception with a killer-bouquet.

4The flower collection used in the bouquet is expensive and delicate. Throwing them seems like a waste.

5The smaller throw bouquet can mimic the larger bridal bouquet and easily be used to add decor to the registration table. It makes a great accent piece and is often the first flower item that guests see when they enter the reception site.

Beth O’Reilly AIFD, TMF
The Flower Studio