The Wedding Market Expo: Coby Neal Style

This past week Coby Neal & The Flower Studio participated in Austin’s Wedding Market Expo as both a guest speaker and in providing a stage display for the entirety of the program.

Throughout the 3 day event, hundreds of visitors perused vendor booths where participants could attend workshops and lectures about a variety of subjects all pertaining to the wedding industry as well as familiarize themselves with the Austin wedding culture.  Coby chose to continue his lecture series on trending florals with a focus on Baby’s Breath and its use in Austin weddings over the last few years.  Here’s a few shots of the featured table from the show.


Though Baby’s Breath has been deemed a “vintage” floral for quite some time now, Coby demonstrates how this classic flower can be combined with seemingly “modern” bouquet techniques to create a truly one-of-a-kind look for your brides.  This variety in your bouquet is sure to set you apart from your traditional wedding style (and save you money in a pinch, too!)


Many thanks to The Wedding Market Expo, the Palmer Events Center for hosting, Premiere Party Central for rentals & linens, Ilios Lighting for the pinspotting, and of course all of the attendees and participants!

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-The Flower Studio