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How to Choose the Right Wedding Florist

Hiring a Wedding Florist

Hiring a wedding florist is a critical decision for a bride. When you hire the right one, you get a wealth of experience, design knowledge, foresight and professionalism. Hire the wrong one, though, and you get promises, and not much else. The right Wedding Florist makes all the difference, so how do you make the right decision? Great question.

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First, when you consider different Wedding Florists in Austin, you have to look at reputation. How do other brides rate them? What is being said about them online, both from customers and from other people in the business? Google becomes a great tool for you in this instance. The great thing about online reviews, of wedding florists in this case, is that the reviews never really go away. For the most part, anything that is ever said about a florist is going to stick around, so no matter what marketing or sales people say to you, that truth is going to show up.

Second, when you sit down to talk to your prospective Wedding Florist, how do they treat your desires? If you ask for a particular wedding floral design, are they dismissive? Do they quickly try to redirect you to some other thought or idea without giving a good reason? Contrast that with how a truly professional Wedding Florist behaves.

A pro is going to show you how your idea will work best, and if there is some aspect of your vision that won’t work well (based on their experience), they will be able to show you a clear example of how and why. Courtesy and Respect are paramount, and you shouldn’t have to settle for less than that.

The third and most important piece that a professional Wedding Florist brings to your wedding is Execution. Can they bring your floral vision to life? Can they make your wedding as beautiful as you expect? Pictures, testimonials and your own observations will tell you what you need to know. Whether you’re planning a Texas Vintage wedding or any of the many types we’ve designed, we can help!

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