Destination Wedding

What is a “Destination Wedding”?

Austin Destination Weddings

A Destination Wedding happens when a couple travels to another city or country to get married.

Driskill Hotel

The reasons to hold the wedding at these locations are usually around the attractiveness of the venue: the building itself or the surrounding landscape. Destination Weddings tend to have a fair amount of expense built into them for various reasons:

  • Travel (flight and/or driving) Expenses

  • Hotel

  • Per Diem

  • Activities built around the event

The further the venue, the higher the expense, generally speaking. You’ve all seen weddings on beaches or in beautiful old mansions; these are examples of Destination Weddings. One reason they are so expensive is demand; since everyone wants to host a wedding at one of these places, the price is high. Limited access equals high cost.

In most cases, an “out-of-country” is for a few family members and select friends. For the same cost-oriented reasons listed above, few people means less overall cost. While the settings are outstanding, the money spent is equally outstanding. This is where Austin Destination Weddings come in.

Austin is known as a Destination Wedding city for lots of reasons:

  • Most brides and grooms met at school (both UT and Texas A&M have huge representation here)

  • This is a great midway point in the great state of Texas

  • Austin and the surrounding area has hundreds of beautiful venues

  • Austin is an attractive city for visitors, and therefore wedding guests

  • Music and Food!

Austin Hill Country Wedding Venue: Paniolo Ranch

About 95 percent of our brides are destination brides being mostly from Houston, Dallas, New York or California.  As of 2014, Austin has approximately 150 hill country venues that are quite appealing to many. These venues range from the “budget-conscious” bride with bar b que to those that are quite fancy with heavier cost factors.  Regardless of the bride’s need and desire, there is a venue to supply it. This is what makes Austin so appealing for Destination Weddings; most other destinations are very limited on the lower end of the cost scale. Throw in the music and food, and it’s a no-brainer!

Of course, we have  The Driskill, the Four Seasons and the wild flower center which are very popular. The Flower Studio has designed flowers for weddings in dozens of Destination Wedding venues around the Austin area, so we might just be a valuable resource for you in picking the right one. Feel free to give us a call or click the button to the right to contact us online, and let’s get the conversation started!Let’s Talk Wedding Venues!


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